Student Internships

The English Department strongly encourages students to pursue internship opportunities as early and as often as possible. Paid and unpaid internships can sometimes count for credit toward graduation as long as students coordinate their internships through the Career Center.

Internships help students make informed choices about minors and double majors. They also sometimes lead directly to full time employment after graduation.

The following examples are some of the exciting opportunities RWU English and Creative Writing majors are taking advantage of.

Kayleigh Dedomenico ’19
Major: Creative Writing Minors: Psychology, English Literature, and Communications
Internship Position: Helpdesk Student Worker at Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium (CTDLC)

Kayleigh interned over the summer at the Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium (CTDLC). They provide services and support to help educators develop and deliver effective technology-enhanced learning opportunities for students. Kayleigh’s responsibilities included taking and recording content of phone calls from local community colleges that partner with CTDLC. She also assisted students and parents with questions regarding admissions, registrars, bursars and financial aid.

Becca Proulx ’18
Majors: English Literature and Global Communications
Internship Position: Communications Intern at Save the Bay & Digital Communications and Media Relations Intern at Pfizer Inc.

While both internships varied quite drastically, and were aimed towards her Communications major, Becca says both supervisors hired her because of the strong writing skills she could bring to the team from her English background. Becca first interned at Save the Bay, a non-profit organization in Providence, RI that’s dedicated to cleaning and protecting the Narragansett Bay. At Save the Bay Becca built the social media calendar, wrote features for the organization’s magazine and blog, and strategized how to best distribute marketing materials. At Pfizer Inc, an American pharmaceutical corporation, Becca’s day-to-day schedule consisted of creating form content for and Pfizer 365, compiling media coverage reports, and collaborating with other interns to create social media content for corporate social media outlets.

Ryan Bonacum ’18
Major: English Literature Minor: Environmental Science
Internship Position: Intern at South Coast Center

Even though Ryan also interned at Save the Bay, his experience was drastically different from Becca’s. Ryan, more specifically, interned with Save the Bay’s the South Coast Center, a small, free-to-the-public aquarium.

 Ryan’s responsibilities included interacting with aquarium visitors, helping children with crafts, and selling merchandise. In addition to that, Ryan wrote blog posts, fed the animals, and helped with the daily cleaning, changing of water, and running water quality tests for the aquarium maintenance.

Abigail DeVeuve ’16
Major: English Literature Minor: Biology
Internship Position: Editorial Intern for Spinner Publications

Abby began working for Spinner Publications, a community-based, non-profit publishing house in New Bedford, MA, in January 2016. Spinner’s mission is to record and promote the history and culture of southeastern New England, which is accomplished primarily through the publication of books. Although Abby’s job title is Editorial Intern, she wears many hats and performs many functions, including editorial tasks on upcoming books, consulting with authors, marketing and promotion, grant writing, and general administrative tasks associated with a small publishing house. Through this internship, she has gained hands-on experience in the publishing business, which will be invaluable to her ongoing hunt for a job after graduation in May.

Allie Wojtanowski ’15
Major: Creative Writing Minors: Anthropology and Sociology
Internship Position: Technical Writing Intern at AVTECH Software, Inc.

AVTECH is a small company in Warren, RI, that provides environmental monitoring hardware and software to customers in 179 countries, including NASA, ESPN, and Walt Disney Studios. Allie started the position equipped with writing and proofreading experience, but little technical knowledge. Having spent more than 6 months as a Technical Writing Intern, Allie has revised and rewritten all of AVTECH’s Frequently Asked Questions; proofread product manuals and installation notes, as well as worked with a team to document the company’s internal Standard Operating Procedures. In addition to gaining new types of writing experience, her technical knowledge has dramatically increased, working as a tech support specialist and quality assurance tester. For more information about this type of internship, contact AVTECH at

Ryan Monahan ’15 
Majors: English Literature and Education
Internship Position: CPC Fellow

In Spring 2015, Ryan was the recipient of an RWU Community Partnerships Center (CPC) Fellowship. Fellows apply their writing skills directly to CPC projects. Working with various CPC teams, Ryan engaged in “real world” editing/copy editing final project documentation; content creation for final books; and content creation for CPC programmatic and marketing materials. Additionally he created original content based on independent research for CPC publications as well as mechanical /technical editing. Ryan also worked directly with CPC administrators on writing projects related to capacity building.

Kaleigh Wilson ’13
Major: English Literature Minors: Spanish and Psychology
Internship Position: Editorial Intern at RWU Public Affairs Office.

The RWU Public Affairs Office coordinates RWU’s on-campus electronic campus news (PDQ) as well as The RWU Magazine. Having spent almost four semesters at this position, Kaleigh has learned first-hand how to comfortably and professionally conduct interviews with students, staff and faculty both in person and over the phone. Furthermore, she has gained hands-on production experience with a bi-annual publication, from start to finish. Kaleigh has greatly enjoyed learning the public-relations writing style. She has also learned a great deal about editorial practices from formatting to style sheets. For more information about this type of internship, contact the RWU Public Affairs Office.

Zach Lyons ’12
Majors: English Literature and Spanish
Internship Position: Wealth Management Branch Office Intern at Merrill Lynch

As a Wealth Management Branch Office Intern, Zach’s jobs included assisting the team in researching mutual funds and stock opportunities, updating and maintaining research reports for clients, recording client information in various databases, and other administrative activities. He learned how to conduct himself in a formal business setting as well as how to handle the responsibility of managing personal and financial client information. Most importantly however, he learned that working in this type of job is not something that he wants to pursue. He encourages other students to pursue all different type of internships because even if the job is not a good match, it still helps one find where one belongs. Although Zach’s internship was unpaid, he is pretty sure that all these internships are NOW paid internships. For more information: Merrill Lynch/Bank Of America Internship Information

Samantha Duncan ’13
Major: English Literature Minor: Creative Writing
Internship Position: Brand Copywriter at Hasbro

One of the largest toy makers in the world, Hasbro is an American multinational toy and board game company. Samantha’s paid internship is at the company’s corporate headquarters in Pawtucket, RI. Samantha’s favorite part of being a Brand Copywriter was contributing ideas for naming new toys. She also enjoyed describing toys (for use in marketing and packaging). A great deal of her job consisted of market research. Working in this position opened her eyes to the possibilities that English majors have. Samantha hopes to continue working for Hasbro and encourages future students to take advantage of any internship opportunities that come along. For more information: Hasbro Internship Information

Michelle Lee ’13
Majors: English Literature and Journalism
Internship Position: Communications Intern at The New England Revolution

The New England Revolution (“The Revs”) is one of 19 Major League Soccer (MLS) teams. As a new Communications Intern, Michelle is learning the ins and out of the communications side of a sports team. She writes the Daily Headlines that are featured on The Rev’s website as well as providing media assistance at practices. Once the season starts in March, Michelle will also provide media assistance in the press box on game days. She looks forward to gathering post-game quotes from the players. The internship is unpaid, but the experience will be invaluable when Michelle is job hunting after graduation.

Kate Torres ’13
Majors: English Literature and Marine Biology
Internship Position: Editorial Intern at The Marble Collection

Founded in 2008, The Marble Collection is a non-profit organization that reaches out to Massachusetts high schools to promote literary and visual arts. As an editorial intern, Kate interacted with students, viewing their works and selecting those for publication, as well as mentoring selected students through the publication process. Kate has learned how to interact with students, how to critique writing samples and how to give constructive feedback. She greatly enjoyed being able to read writing samples from high school students all over Massachusetts. The internship at The Marble Collection taught Kate how a magazine operates and helped her elevate her professionalism. For more information, see The Marble Collection.

Elizabeth (‘Liz’) Perreca ’12
Majors: English and Political Science
Internship Position: European Areas Studies Intern at the Foreign Service institute

Liz Perreca’s internship at the Foreign Service Institute requires her to gather research and write course materials, as well as to edit and update European country guides that are used for the training for Foreign Service Officers and other American Diplomats. Likewise, Liz aids in the compilation of the Ambassadorial Briefing books given ambassadors who are newly appointed to various European countries. She enjoys utilizing the skills she acquired from both her majors at RWU (English and Political Science). She was thrilled and inspired by the doors that opened for her because she had an English degree and stresses the importance of reaching outside the box and exploring all the possibilities for a career that utilizes an English degree. Her advice for students seeking internships and/or jobs is to remember that there is so much one can do with an English degree, so don’t rule out any career opportunity. Liz’s internship, like most government internships are unpaid. However, Department of State internships provide access to paid pathway positions, career fairs, and numerous networking opportunities. Internships at the Department of State can also be found internationally at some of the many American embassies and consulates across the globe.